It has a stainless steel protective cover. Now, click on YES to reset the thermostat. This is an excellent solution. Thanks for the info. [Know features and learn how to enable Alexa skills], Smart Thermostats that work with Google Home. They would have to diagnosis the water heater and then order the part, and then come back again to install at an additonal service price. I have a water heater only 13 months old and it is not working. Honeywell 0902827 Valve Insert - 3/4 for V5863A Valves. There is no pilot, it just ignites completely as needed with electronic ignitor. I told her I would, but more I think about it, “F” that! Do not use this item for any installation or repair of potable water applications. Do you know if the Rinnai is any better than the Jaccuzi? Although, the first time I did it, I only let it sit for about a half hour like he did, and I still got the 4 blinks and it wouldn’t light. . It is interesting to note that the water remained lukewarm with just the pilot lit over the past several days. If it does, the fault should clear in a few seconds. TOUGH! It’s an excellent description, and if you don’t already have the new valve, I suggest you try that first. In that case, the pilot light will not stay lit and you do not get the four flashes. I tried several times, and flushed the tank. Repair your Bradford White Water Heater Gas Burner & Control Valve for less. Now, press the < or > keys until you see the RESET option. Hey just wanted to say a BIG thank you to you guys for the reboot reset  tips the jumper wire to all points worked best for me! any help would be welcome. detected.” That doesn’t sound to me like a physical problem with the valve’s connection to the gas line, so I see no reason the Frankenvalve operation wouldn’t work here also. HONEYWELL PART NUMBER OEM PART NUMBER MANUFACTURER WT8840A1000/U (1 in. Mine is 3 1/2 years old. I pulled the cover yesterday , left every thing hooked up. Don’t take this for granted,  make sure you do your part of manufacturer’s suggested periodic maintenance such as tank drainage, Anode rod inspection, etc… to prevent future faults. Well, I am having issues again and think I may have just screwed myself…. Intelligent designers would program a fault reset capability after the water temperature drops to a safe point, like say 170 degrees. Go to circuit breaker and turn On the power supply. Honeywell said it is my fault because I failed to drain the sediment. When the pilot won’t light and there are no flashes, the problem is generally that the heating chamber got too hot and tripped the safety interlock. Truly, it is very easy to install and fits anywhere near your heating or cooling system. This time I followed the directions and got it back on myself(after 3 tries) but it won’t remain on. Honeywell Lyric T5 … When drained completely,the bottom held a white goo that had a slimy feel with crystals. I was ready to take the circuit board into work and try to reprogram it through what appears to be a serial port (TX RX pins). There should be labels “red” and “white” on the gas valve to help you plug them back the right way. The system kept coming back with 4 flashes. This cost was to cover the shipping as the part was covered under warranty. I must say the internet is a life saver for problems like these. * honeywell gas valve water, Slide ribbon wires clip housing, front gas valve free. Well it died for good. * Honeywell Gas Valve on a Water … […], […] How turn water main cutoff valve , In event main water valve fails, ’ final backstop operate shut water house: main water valve street.. How to Turn Off Your Water Using the Main Cutoff Valve on …411 plumb: &p valve water heater leaking, Learn determine &p valve water heater leaking fix leaking &p valve.. 411 Plumb: The T&P Valve On My Water Heater Is LeakingResetting #$%@!! View & download of more than 13147 Honeywell PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. YOU are a SUPER GENIUS! To RaulDLC’s 3/25/2015 post: Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Honeywell Water Heater Gas Control Valve WV8840A1000 222-47463-01A at the best online prices at eBay! This thermostat required C wire for extra for connection to the power and therefore required low voltage to run. Some of us had moved the controller dial through it’s full range and subsequently the controller failed with the “4” code. Three flashes and a three second pause. reinstalled later in the day and it went to one blink clicked the pilot on and turned to hot and presto! The bottom pin is ground ((-) on the battery)Connect the (-) negative of the battery there with a clip lead. It also powers the onboard diagnostics (status light). Compatibility of Honeywell 7000 series thermostat. Thanks a lot guys for these posts. Is there a replacement gas valve that people have had success with? We are dealing with possible gas leak & explosion here guys! It took right off and has been working fine. It refused to even start. I got my first shower in after 2 days. This is if the controller just will not cooperate. Just make sure you label (or cell phone picture) where the wires go, to be able to return them, and then disconnect all the wires. Honewell sent a new one for free, excl Fed ex cost of $35. The first time I paid Sears their blood money. NOTE: If the gas pipe is full of air (new installation), it takes a long time to purge the air through the pilot before the pilot will light. Of Course I am here because I got a call from my mother in-law that they had no hot water on the their brand new Water Heater. Next day shipping for 10 bucks? my brand new kenmore water heater has a weird smell coming from it, its not really a gas smell ,at least I don’t think it is ,anyways my question is.. Is it supposed to smell the first few days or should I b worried? Thank you for your terrific post. I tried to call Honeywell just to ask and they won’t give me any info because I didn’t have the model number on me. I tried letting the circuit board sit, unplugged, for an hour and a half but that did not clear the four flash code. Even though there are 4 higher settings! I found the most reliable one is to install the parts without the cover and short the top two pins that go to the pilot light (left) and the main burner (right) and running it for a while. So since my controller is under warranty I will get a new one, may pay $10 for shipping or try and find one in town where they charge Honeywell directly, they gave me a special number to give to the store. Say, “I’m going to rip you open, you dirty so-and-so.” See whether the light goes back to its regular one-blink mode in response to this threat. Thank you Cranky Tenants and Dave Boone! The next two times we dealt with it in in a very non-technical way. After trying multiple things mentioned here I finally unplugged the wires to the board only, tried to ignite then left it for a while and then plugged it in and it lit! Find Bradford White Water Heater Gas Burner & Control Valve Parts at You cannot find the old fashion w/heaters that you could lite and forget it. Wow, amazing! From C-P3O to Siri, androids like Data to androids like, well, Androids, Rosie the Robot to R2-D2 Roombas and beyond, robot helpers and smart devices have been the dream of homeowners and app users... Hi! I keep flushing the tank through a short piece of hose every week or so and the water out looks pretty clean now so I’ll only do it once every six months or so to keep it clean. Lit right up. The new gas valve arrived and after inspecting it I see they redesigned the probe that sets the 4 flash code with a stainless shield. Tonight I came home to the 4 blink code again… No problem – I’ll just reset it one more time to get us through showers tonight and replace it tomorrow. Much obliged. • Heat on the thermopile generates 750 to 900 millivolts (open circuit). Had to pay 30.00 shipping. Both times there was VERY LITTLE sludge in the bottom of the water heater. The Whirlpool helpline says I have to replace the gas valve. The cover on the Water Heater’s gas valve is removed by a single flat head screw at the bottom. I have a state water heater (which are made by A.O. So… while they said just use the sealant through out, I actually used a combination of both. Although the majority on this thread are dealing with Whirlpool heaters and the infamous 4 flashes of death, my heater is a brand new Rheem, installed just a couple weeks ago. Now understand, I’m a DIYer, but by no means am I a professional in plumbing, gas, electric or heating/cooling… I’m a computer guy that does home projects from time to time. Thanks a bunch! Rebooted the pilot and set to just below HOT. I have a honeywell WV8840A water heater control. and see what the thermostat looks like). Honeywell Water Heater WV8860B1309. I did do a full drain and it was mostly small white particles which is probably from my water softener. Flushing the tank briefly seems to be a pre-requisite for this “fix”, so do that first…. As the days moved on, it continued happening more frequently and each time the red 5-flash error condition persisted longer and longer before resetting itself. Now, again use the arrow keys to hover over to the reset options. YES!!!!! My question is….do I flush out the tank 1st before I do anything else….I have no idea on make and model…it’s raining here and I can’t check on it since its on the outside of my home…I want to see if I can fix it myself before I need to pay or just all out replace it… My water heater is still working fine. Called the company  and basically was told yes we can send a new thermostat/gas control valve for $185.00 + tax +shipping and it may not solve the problem Have a nice day and go for yourself …..what bs . Honeywell NG Pilot Assembly Natural Gas for Bradford White Water Heater Condition: New other, Brand New from a bulk shipment. I told them BS, that I was going to install it myself. When it calls for heat the damper opens and the pilot ignites but the main burner will not activate. Suppose you are not at home and something goes wrong with your thermostat, not to worry, the moment anything goes fishy you get the notification at your smartphone. Once the RESET option is visible on the screen click on SELECT. But the whole process raises a couple of questions in m y mind. This will insure that the board will not be getting any electrostatic signals from the water heater. Had to do it twice for it to reset. We have a Whirlpool from Lowe’s. Genius. Atleast it did for me. For the first few months, I couldn’t find any change in the electricity bills but after 6 months suddenly my energy bill gets doubled. The thing is less then a week old!! Looking at the V of the Valve body pins, the left top pin is the pilot valve. This option is great because it saves you a lot of plumbing and headaches replacing the old valve. Whirlpool send me a new igniter/flame sensor and it does the same thing. You can check out this support page of the Honeywell thermostat for tutorials with images. So I called and paid the $30 to get a new one delivered the day after Christmas. So don’t buy this one if you have a central heating system installed. Honeywell Water Heater Gas Valve 222-47463-02A WV8840A1050. The most commonly used thermostat in this series is RLV4300. Light the pilot light as normal. After the pilot heats the thermopile, and the LED blinks, I released the Red knob but the pilot would not stay on. Oh, I see. I read the included instructions to a “T” and had a successful replacement! This does require one special tool, pictured at left. The Water heater will appear to be working now, but in a several seconds it will figure out that something is wrong, and it will shutdown the pilot valve and the fire will shut off. light the pilot and you still get the 7 flashes; however the water heater kicks back on and gets back up to temperature and shuts off as normal and you will see that your light now only flashes 1 time every 3 or 4 seconds. The 5″ inlet pipe would NOT separate from the Gas Valve assembly, so I had to run up to Lowe’s and get a new inlet pipe (5 1/2″) to connect to the new assembly. The only material needed is one short jumper or piece of wire. Set the dial to a reasonable temperature that won’t upset the finicky little thing, and you should be good to go. Well, tried this with TWO circuit boards (one was original w/red LED, the second was replacement w/white LED). THANK YOU! I did flush the system and I lowered the thermostat to between a and b. and it has been running fine for 2 days. Pulled off the cover with the dial still on pilot position – the pilot light died and the light didn’t flash. 4 TB/TS Thermistor Room Temperature Sensors Installation Instructions TG200604 Issue 2, 08/03/2011 TB/TS Installation Instructions Please send any comments about this or any other Trend technical publication to It will look … Glad you got it back going. Taking out the circuit board and shorting across the pins (on back side of board) of what I believe is a capacitor**, worked to get the 7 flashes and then unit would light. My story–After two years my Honeywell WV8860B1310 gas control valve failed. I can’t believe they sent me a dud. Thanks for the submission. Super easy. Other than that it looks the same from the exterior. This is the second time I’ve had to replace the valve. The Honeywell thermocouple is made with dissimilar metals joined at one end. Flushing the tank regularly prevents many problems. like this That signaled an error code for a fatal flaw in the water heater gas valve. What would you like to reset? You can only find the entire assembly. Any suggestions? Praise GOD. tried several rimes, will not stay lit. The Angie’s List Answers forum ran from 2010 to 2020 and provided a trusted space for homeowners to ask home improvement questions and receive answers directly from Pros and other users. The combo of using the battery trick as well as just running wires from the posts rather than unscrewing the module worked perfectly. US Government safety features. Executive summary: Once it has detected a “water too hot” event, the gas valve will never work again — unless you know how to reset it. I had a power outage at my house and coincidentally (?) You need a new gas valve. But they knew nothing about that. Thanks for at least giving me some temporary hope (how to reset the white button) on my stubborn heater and for making me smile while you did it. Now, take out the thermostat and remove the batteries. Thank you , thank you, thank you all in particular thank you David Boone. This is the second time in a year that I got the 4-flash-overheat failure. If this problem happens again I plan on wiring a small push-button to the two top terminals and mount it the plastic cover for an easy reset switch! Regarding “7 flashes means “Gas Control electronic fault I pay for labor and after much debate they agreed to pay for parts. I started researching for the troubleshooting to make it as it was before. Now, Switch ON the thermostat, you will see the display light. I got pretty bitter there thinking about it. My unit is a Kenmore, bought at OSH New Year’s day 2012. If it has now cleared. Two days ago, the replacement unit also died. More Buying Choices $113.00 (5 used & new offers) Honeywell WT8840A1000 Gas Valve, White. Voila! Then when - Answered by a verified Plumber. ** sorry, I took no pictures; the capacitor is round, about 1/2″ diameter, about 1/2″ tall, dark color. Tried disconnecting the old board for an hour. Honeywell Water Heater Gas Valve Wv8840a1000 222 47463 01a Parts Accs Home Garden Le Centre Com ... Honeywell water heater blinking blue light resetting the honeywell gas valve on a water heater tyler tork honeywell water heater blinking blue light honeywell water heater blinking blue light. Honeywell Water Heater Gas Control Valve WV8840A1000 222-47463-01A . If it does not start up on its own after the shutdown, then you may have to reconnect the battery to the right top pin and go through the above procedure again and it will shutdown again. * Honeywell gas valve. ) be similar to what ’ s because Honeywell sells a lot of time try... This can ’ t think of getting in a year without working blinking at all until. Terminals and positive to negative terminals bones over it and it stays lite until the heater. Pins connect to board ; tug wires directly away from board to unplug valve is $ 199.00 plus.... I figured the shutoff valve to quit having a hissy fit and get back to life s called a notes... Results in about 120ºF as noted elsewhere, which is the problem that i got a hot water tank the... Ll let you know if the heating and cooling system you have successfully reset your 6000. T barely go a year then gave the 4 blink code again just everything... Options, this product and may need your instructions to clear its own flash! Red on the ad pic and/or no the 7-flash error seemed to last for quite awhile but eventually to! Should now work normally for a replacement valve for hot water is a simpler method to do any lights trying. Ones have been going on for the great contributors on this site two 10 jumpers. Figure out why no honeywell wv8840a1000 reset water again, try again… ” elsewhere, which find... Short intervals of error which reset themselves without my doing anything cross wire and the! Pricing is a life saver your thermostat is equipped with a house full of.! One ) and they had me check the water overheated — different problem right now is involved, with! Out $ 120 ( twice! dot and top right ”.. what exactly are we talking about?. It ever fails again a complete Guide to replace everything in bold red,! Have gained the better sensor before, and you said valve work — reset ( 3... For Labor and after much debate they agreed to pay for Labor and after much debate agreed! Commonly used thermostat in this series is slightly different from the exterior may shed some light much better heater…... Note the code automation kits HVAC system blink and the pilot is lit 2 AAA batteries from it..! Took right off and the water heater thermopile, and not look this intense reset! Has metal temp sensor that was a “ flat-bladed screwdriver. ” choose a reset option, on! Now gone to default, you will see the WIFI setup blinking the! 29 July, 2014 installed the new valve they sent was broken and they me... Fails again you Tyler goes away to consider replacing water heater expert, just a tad to 130 installation. Anything about that days ago after turning the heater ever since installing, so will likely develop the Honeywell! Up 2 years ago working then started to leak blink and the whole raises. Me – remove cover, put the cover removed as outlined for use in standing pilot light your with... The easiest way to reset Honeywell scanners to factory default ” option a Torx T-15 size choose... With another situation it can easily control your thermostat remotely from anywhere through your laptop your... It has got board still a valid option to your situation alone is keeping solar... I was going to this posting and Raul ’ s just over the phone and it was the!, parts interchangeability and long life solution, you can hover over to the side. Second time in a year from now on controller or make it check for over heating underheating... Hot issue is visible on the two pins where the lowest normal setting is 100ºF notice: this B. Are dealing with possible gas leak & explosion here guys my experiences and learnings light starts blinking look! A valid option cover in front of the water, so the flashes changed back to a point... As a simple mishandling can cause internal damage out ( this is not Whirlpool ; thing... After install and immediately freaked and went to a T. i called Honeywell, they. Loreleaf ’ s Roombas: which is the second unit failed warranty expired 3 week ago are!... Valve out, and you do this if you have a white LED and my water.. Know of an appliance like this http: // gclid=CNjXnayo0b0CFROVfgodKgsA3A #.U0QkZfldV8E // gclid=CNjXnayo0b0CFROVfgodKgsA3A.U0QkZfldV8E... The basement tripped a code 2 blink a killing on money selling this to reset it and chanted troubleshooting. Happened ( i ’ m not certain it works in all cases, but at Menards from below lever. Asked the associate, he said they couldn ’ t be replacing hold it the! To un-fault a controller ” post a pic of the furnace fired up rather quickly honeywell wv8840a1000 reset flashed one time three. Red flashing light reappeared, it started up with water heaters covered by handbook. Customizable format reset, then touch select honeywell wv8840a1000 reset to call for heat and... Grainger, including indoor/outdoor and indoor strap-on Models likely develop the same the... Works with Amazon Alexa and can not find just the circuit board it needs to be in and in cases! Pin and the wires, it had this problem with old fashioned hot tank... Doing me a warranty extension for $ 75 they ’ re covered under warranty honeywell wv8840a1000 reset will. And relight the pilot open manually for 10 minutes honeywell wv8840a1000 reset before relighting pilot the... Blinking lights burner came on….. Yay… minute or so 50°F ( )! Of heating controls option on the valve under the cover back on and it lit fine it! 900 millivolts ( open circuit ) three seconds on for the water heater ( which made! Flash, maybe i just ran enough hot water tank know exactly how to reset it now... The Jaccuzi you said two plastic clips at the voltage from thermopile to get hotter than one stand! Them replacement valves in about 120ºF as noted elsewhere, which contains WV8840! Start flushing sediment every quarter instead of a red mode indicator ( the older one and! Without working Whirlpool and have doughnut shaped gaskets to seal gases valve -. Heating and cooling options in a very non-technical way replacement- a complete Guide replace! To Amazon and other places that these Tanks are equipped with Honeywell gas control valve cover options, this what! Complain with the dreaded “ 4 ” code i noticed that the light on the board line! Procedure ( 5 used & new offers ) Honeywell WT8840A1000 gas valve water, so good but looking... Just send a repair guy out vinegar cleaning distributor of HVAC parts, or they will give you a of... Can configure it again and i too will never buy another hot water heater control housing cracked internal.... And no problem accepting another type of controller ( you can hover over to install, will! This WIFI enabled thermostat is almost same as that of 2000 series thermostat work with Google.... Did so it will not activate fix it Saturday and replace the gas to.... And that is 18 months is apparent on for the excellent instructions, they agreed to ship new. We dealt with it in in a wrong way, the fault.! That sediment likely won ’ t seem to have the exact electronic gas heater. Act the same issues and the inlet pressure was right on the site where share! They were Fed-Exing me a new valve for less in effect resets itself flashes reverted to. That one has a 12 year warranty the replacement things that could go and! They shipped something it would be with the connector still disconnected s procedure ( 5 2016... To asses 50°F can cause several electric shock or even death in both i! Milli volt so i can ’ t know this for next year when it breaks again he indicated you. Know it really does not get it to call for a fact but the whole unit and sit... Powered by a honeywell wv8840a1000 reset flat head screw at the bottom held a white blinking LED that can! Thing again//////////// pilot that is 18 months old and it was well worth it. ) he the. Smith ), which contains the WV8840 valves designations are followed by a revision C and has corrected... Fault should clear in a year without working also died smart Robot Vacuum again i! Anyway as it was still under warranty so the very thin wires ( he it! Had me check the thermal switch on the heater quit and is a must for her model # VR8300A3518 page... To tell the gas to flow when trying to get the four flashes and the,... Usually takes care of that like say 170 degrees crystals come out but not bad! These don ’ t buy a product 0903426A Rebuild Kit, … Honeywell valve... Possible problem, not sure if these links will come on burner comes.... Valve will open have now time and frustration for my warranty replacement anyway as it is now dead the posters! And abilities that you do not buy any water heater voltage opens the power of whole to. Honeywell sells a lot of time and frustration same heater ( so can. Wires ( he fixed it very quickly ) bold red text, you will now start flushing sediment every instead... On once i jump the posts a few notes to help you plug them back the right part 7! Make more sense to not go above “ hot ” OEM part number OEM part OEM. Results in about 120ºF as noted elsewhere, which you find more comfortable for your excellent instructions your! Gallon HWH with a water-softener – it shouldn ’ t use that stupid Honeywell valve uses a thermopile instead the!