When you first get the chance to go to Fort Condor until the final Fort Condor battle which is story related. save. Oct 21, 2010 #14 Bambi Dark Knight. 100% Upvoted. In the heart of the Junon Area, a giant condor warming its eggs high atop the Mako Reactor is the subject of a long-standing struggle between Shinra and the naturalists encamped at Fort Condor. Do you have to play the fort Condor Mini-game for the rewards. This section of the walkthrough pertains to Disc 2 when Cid ventures from North Corel to Fort Condor in search of the Huge Materia. 0 comments. Check out the Fort Condor side quest section for more information.. Some of the battle rewards are abit poop, but the first one you get for Red, and the Superball for Yuffie ... they should include this minigame too, but this time, give some kind of teleportation device back and forth to fort condor and a device that alerts you when a battle is available. Not just that, Fort Condor has dozens of battles over the course of the game that reward the player with items– nothing too special, but it’s interesting just how expansive Fort Condor … The Magic Comb and Superball can both be bought in Junon on disc 2/3. Fort Condor is involved in a number of small side quests which can be completed throughout the game. Your first reward should be 2.000 Gil per each alive unit THE BATTLES UNLOCK AS LONG AS YOU PLAY THE MAIN STORY, SO KEEP COMING BACK TO FORT CONDOR ! FF7 ORIGINAL. Log in or sign up to leave a … Find Bass Pro Shops current rebate offers on guns and shooting equipment from top industry brands. HUGO unlocks the hearts of all who love the movies with a … The prize is 'three Tincture', which are actually three Ethers. Some facts about the Fort Condor Missions: Aside from the final (mandatory) battle there, NONE of the prizes you get for winning the RTS mini-game are unique or limited. An RTS challenge, Fort Condor is actually available the moment players see it. Fort Condor will never be overrun, and by commanding yourself you’ll secure a variety of prizes for winning, which is the whole purpose of even bothering with this mini-game. _____ So, either put in the time and Gil, or don’t bother with it at all. This is an easy one to miss since it's in a very small time/scene marge. Note: You have to speak with the Fort Condor's old man to win Rewards after each battle. Can you just fight the boss for all the battles but the last to get the rewards or do you have to send out a few soldiers? HUGO unlocks the hearts of all who love the movies with a key forged by grand illusionist Martin ... More. Simply present your Miles & More card when you check in and your miles will be credited to your account. (Fort Condor Note 3:) Yes, right after you get the whistle, just get out of Junon and head to Fort Condor to do the third battle. These fights are optional. Periodically, you can return to Fort Condor and initiate a mini-game. share. Veteran. As a partner in the Miles & More program, you will earn valuable miles on Condor flights, or you can easily spend your miles on the next Condor flight you take. You can skip all the non-story battles altogether, the only consequence is you miss out on the rewards. hide. report.