55 gallons converts 1,540 gallons of pure 99.9% Propylene Glycol into a 95% solution of Inhibited Propylene Glycol. From the composition of the corrosion inhibitor, Pref is the first dilution with ethylene glycol in a ratio of from 1:5 to 1:7. There are numerous corrosion inhibitors on the market, most of which have been designed for automotive cooling systems (Water-Wetter, Hy-Per Lube Super Coolant, Purple Ice, Zerex Racing Super Coolant, etc). Available in hundreds of stores nationwide. Anti-freeze concentrates include propylene glycol, a specified amount of glycerin and a corrosion inhibitor. All the components necessary for complete system protection make these products an economical choice for use in both hot water and chilled water applications. Glycol Antifreeze Inhibitor WM8703 is formulated to provide a large excess of buffering capacity as well as inhibit corrosion. Place your order through our on-line store, to reduce your cost and waiting period. Potentiodynamic polarization tests were carried out to study the effect of each chemical. This product is NOT approved for use in Food and Beverage facilities. It buffers the organic acids formed as a result of glycol oxidation. ChemWorld SR1 Glycol Corrosion Inhibitor is a concentrated corrosion inhibitor designed for glycol system that need corrosion resistance protection. It is colorless, odorless and hygroscopic in nature. 0.005% dilution rate. Glycol Antifreeze Inhibitor WM8703 teclmology is also designed to prolong the service life of the Glycol by minimizing the potential for acid degradation. For applications such as the working fluid in a water jet cutting All-Organic inhibitors provide additional environmental benefits and are an effective replacement for nitrite or molybdate based programs. By contrast, corrosion inhibitors are gradually used up, and must be replenished from time to time. 50% INHIBITED EG is a pre-diluted Ethylene Glycol based heat transfer fluid designed to provide exceptional system protection and a long fluid life. Yellow Metal Protectors These supplements are used to control copper and copper alloy corrosion. ACUROCOR DP is a specially formulated Corrosion Inhibitor for Glycol additives designed to prevent corrosion in multi-ways. These blends use either high quality technical grade propylene glycol or food grade propylene glycol with or without corrosion inhibitors and additives to fit your process. Reactions with dissolved oxygen can lead to the formation of organic acids that attack unprotected metal surfaces. The incorporated propylene glycol inhibitor serves to modify metallic surfaces by absorption. Glycol Solutions Glycol solutions are frequently used to fill closed systems. DowFrost HD & Water is a mixture containing 65% RO water, and 35% DowFrost HD Inhibited Propylene Glycol (5 gal). 1 gallon of ChemWorld SR1 will protect 140 gallons of 20% glycol solution from corrosion. The anti-freeze solutions have lower viscosity than an antifreeze solution prepared with the same weight percent water but lacking any glycerin. For food and beverage facilities applications, use. It buffers the organic acids formed as a result of glycol oxidation. Multi-metal inhibitors generally reduce the occurrence of corrosion via several mechanisms. This product is specially formulated with a unique multi-metal corrosion inhibitor blend to passivate system surfaces and prevent corrosion. This makes the surface less susceptible to electrochemical attack. These inhibitors prevent corrosion of metals in two ways. Propylene glycol, Ethylene glycol and closed loop corrosion inhibitors can be purchased on-line through our secure on-line Store. Glycol Corrosion Inhibitor. ChemWorld is also a distributor of dipropylene glycol and other specialty chemicals. Please refer to EACH product page for transit and lead time. Glycol based systems, using Propylene Glycol or Ethylene Glycol, without any corrosion inhibitors or additives, are more corrosive and aggressive than water alone. ChemWorld SR1 Glycol Corrosion Inhibitor. RhoTherm™ 921 Ultra is a virgin ethylene glycol antifreeze and heat transfer fluid specially blended with non-phosphate corrosion… inhibitor, Rhomar Water’s Pro-Tek® 921. The proprietary industrial inhibitor packages used in DOWTHERM™ SR-1 ethylene glycol and DOWFROST™ and DOWFROST™ HD propylene glycol are specially formulated to help prevent corrosion in two ways.