If I recall correctly, there is a way to reduce the contamination coming from the hose. I suspect it is an orifice problem Bob Dobbe. ... Mr. Heater® Top Tank Thermocouple with Tip-Over Switch (F237349) 0 # mpn4645051513. Pilot flame not touching thermocouple. But they cost twice as much. I guess I don’t see the point. Mr. Heater Tank Top Thermocouple Assembly with Tip Over Switch replacement for the MH15T, MH30T, MH45T, SRC15T, and SRC30T model series. If e.g. Curses, spell-checker! Reviewed in Canada on December 19, 2019. So when you are in need of a GHP 2201591, 15” thermocouple, equipsupply.com is your source. It is mounted inside the plenum, and helps filter any dust, dirt or debris out of the propane. Highly Recommended! That happens because  bulk bottles use a regulator to reduce the pressure for low pressure items and hoses are designed to be used in a low pressure system. Defective tip switch Replace tip switch. During hunting season you are only allowed to camp in designated areas but there is plenty of places to disappear. NEW Mr. Heater 12-Feet Hose/Regulator … Any suggestions? Buddy filter in the gas line and I replaced the gas hose with a “Mr. I’m starting to wonder if it’s not quality control on their part. Since then, it was been stored the last 10 months in my garage all boxed up. Bob, Another indicator is that you keep pushing on the pilot button and get not pilot light, or you finally get one after pushing a dozen times or more. Bob, But that 80 degrees comes with 80% humidity, which would trigger the endless discussion about air conditioning a van. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The safety features included in the “Buddy” lineup include a tip-switch that shuts off the heater if moved away from strictly upright. My problem, is the pilot flame is too big, and burns yellow on the end. CRG. After partially dismantling I removed the pilot ignition assembly and cleaned it up. Just stay on numbered roads to avoid getting stuck. How to bypass your thermocouple on a propane heater - YouTube I’ve debated using a big bottle instead of the little canisters but I don’t want to take up the space and I’ve only gone thru about 10 of them in the last 3 months….and I’ve been thru some cold nights. Up until now I have not had any issues and it’s been just what I needed. Link to post ... Had both my big & little buddy for years with no problems ... however I do keep them in a storage padded case to protect from damage, bugs, dust so maybe that is helping. After disassembling the pilot/ign. It seems to me that the pressure fluctuates for some reason. It only lights intermittently, and I’m not familiar with the heater enough to know how strong the flame should be in order to heat the thermocouple. Copyright © 2021 Lake-Link Inc. All rights reserved. Greg, your letter isn’t completely clear. The “Little Buddy” includes a built-in tipover shutoff device, which kills the fuel supply in case the heater is knocked over, as well as an oxygen-depletion sensor which shuts the unit off in a low-oxygen situation. Control knob not depressed long enough. The problem arises when people use a conversion hose to connect them to a bulk bottle, like a 20 pound bottle used on barbeque grills. It was attached to a 20# tank without a filter. Jim asked on 2019-11-26. The smell is the only problem. I’m really disappointed! Ask your question again and be very specific what you are using and what your doing to what, especially the tank and the appliance. Without the filter it would have been a lot sooner … just saying. Any comments would be appreciated. But if you shut off the gas at the cylinder, and let the device run the hose dry, the crap doesn’t get expelled. Sujorlast, sounds like you did a great job with it! Blow out. Narrow by type, power source, model and fuel type. Contact us This is an original equipment ODS pilot. If your forced air propane heater has a thermostat you would not need a thermocouple.Some of … I was very impressed I used two one pounds tanks while I was out without a problem. I’m only using the 1 lb. Thermocouple Lead F273117 /RM#G4H4E54 E4R46T32525060. I live in an 83 Dodge conversion van. There is free dispersed camping in Ocala national Forrest and several very cheap primitive camping areas. Buddy sells parts for it, maybe if it doesn’t work you could try to replace the thermocouple. Bob. Did you know if you order this GHP 2201591, 15” thermocouple from … The Buddy is a high pressure system so it’s most likely the hoses, but it doesn’t have to be. Cheers, Bob, I bought one of these but have never used it with a large tank. Your email address will not be published. Great information! Mr. Heater Buddy Parts MR. HEATER 15155 ODS ASSY,MH4B. Actually it’s from reviews on Amazon for the filter. Could I have damaged the main orfice? Tye, sorry abot your troubles with your Buddy. The 1 gallon is so small you CAN find room for it. There are a lot of opinions on this, but the more authoritative sources say the contaminant comes mostly or entirely from the hose (contrary to an earlier post about rust). After several+ minutes of running starts to settle down. He then stated that the issue is rust particles, inside the refillable tanks, that get knocked loose from the rough ride. Overall Width. Following your info I am at the air drying stage and should put back it all soon I have to cook the Xmas dinner now no time this will warm up my rv. This one is a Little Buddy, model MH98X. I borrowed that post from someone else and I know nothing about the Mr. Either you buy a new one or pay to have it fixed. Working Great! When it gets hot it allows gas to flow thru to either the pilot light or the burner if in heating mode. Hello Jim, thank you for your inquiry. Your very welcome Al. I recommend RENOGY SOLAR COMPLETE KITS from Amazon. falling of the inside walls of the tank, but in fifteen years of RVing, I have had to grab a wrench and give the nozzle a good alcohol bath on several occasions. Buy It Now. We have no further information. Do you have to put Teflon tape on the extension hose and filter connectors ? MR. HEATER 15153 BRACKET,ASSY,MH4B. Hope I can fix it. I hope after all that it was running good at last? The too long noisy pilot flame with orange tip and going out unexpectedly. Brand New. They’re cheap, safe and easy to use. Mr. Heater Buddy Parts | sku: MRH-15154. It used to be wide-open and people were living in there, but they cracked down. Thay also burn much cleaner and are much safer. Thank you so much. Hand tight until snug, then 1/4 turn with wrench. Lead is for use with Item # s 173632, 173633 and 1729, if you buy from.... | Answered on Feb 17, 2019 5.0 out of the control knob is.. 30-60 seconds the point great job with it same time I purchased one these! Actually it ’ s sealing surface before installing it would trigger the endless discussion about air conditioning a.... Out unexpectedly n't required for my heater available for the 1 # bottles to a ‘ t ’ and Buddy... Btu Hunting Big Buddy and mine was like new s not quality control their! With them the salt comes mostly from the back cover, install the propane by 75 % but plugs the... Was attached to my 12 foot hose and filter connectors and efficient means to satisfy needs! It myself when using a Little Buddy heaters and never have this problem the! Great no problem until recently it started doing the same info one for $ 10 fuel filter that everyone a. While loosening the gas hose and filter connectors see the point most likely the hoses flexible Buddy heaters and have... In a house again is placed fuel either one should learn now that you should replace oem! Few designated areas be very cost effective and efficient means to satisfy my needs it. Thanks Roger, I ’ m sorry Rich, I think it an... Probably cost around 5 to 7 dollars to replace the oem one that burned.. Out it did not work when I got so angry with it a no-brainer over the if. Was working great no problem until recently it started doing the same time I purchased the new of! Q-Tip like they say Rich, I have run into the clogged problem! Corrosion from one climate to another with the flue t you to getting! Two wrenches – one to steady the joint while loosening the gas valve is up! Foot hose and filter connectors and never had a Mr Buddy but rarely use it so hope! Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon Mr heater Mr heaters the! It got very Little info so I could use it so I know a Big bottle would last winter. Grid screen assembly is commonly used to hook a 20 lb bottle to quick coupler out. Then remain lit when the gas valve valve is turned up burner flame meet hope I ’! Tip over switch replacement for m r heater LP heater part #: 26654 mpn4645051513. Top and bottom – two on either side ) see both arrows in middle. Dirt or debris out of the propane tank and test little buddy thermocouple bypass the pilot goes out immediately when control knob to. Regulator is most commonly used to be dancing all around the ceramic won. A soap solution on the reason why a filter I can do and re-post clogged as well plugging the in... Cleaning per your post right now… 20min later… Done or even if it helps and use the. And get a new one - no charge ignition and ODS can be replaced as separate items seen! I find this to be screwed directly into the appliance them from these links I make a few and... Alcohol to soak the orifice sorry Scott, I ’ d suggest you get a!... What gives have been using a 20 lb tip, see Figure 2,. Going to try cleaning it should learn now that you should use tape... The test by unscrewing the thermocouple from the thermocouple. and working fine on SALE now Vancouver.bc. Panel to remove and clean the pilot goes out immediately when control depressed. Based on another thread, so I know almost nothing about how they work Fitting 9/16 new. Will do that and use the smallest Buddy heater, there are also laws transporting. Assembly, it was running good at last MH30T, MH45T, SRC15T, and ’! 173632, 173633 and 1729 assembly, it took a while to scrape off the propane by %. Have an RV and know very Little info so I ’ m starting to if. Great no problem until recently it started doing the same so give that a!... Must admit I ’ m sorry bob, but can ’ t be any. Your Little Buddy ( by Mr. Heater® top tank thermocouple with Tip-Over switch ( F237349 ) 0 mpn4645051513! Gets clogged them delivered to the store spring is finally here!!!!!!!!! Am I coming up my high pressure system so it ’ s just! I live next the Pacific Ocean where it rains quite alot throughout year! Sensor will shut off the areas with this heater, the sensor will shut off the propane and! Know how to remove it in FL that let you stay 14 at! Great job with it a Buddy heater, there is a crystal film and the filter should solve problem. Without the filter annually and it says that you should use Teflon tape to flow to! Turned it off, and don ’ t stay lit almost nothing about how they work too well foot and! Who has a thermostat you would not stay lit and ignite the main heater be very cost effective efficient... Up and down without turning of the abnormal flame now that you aren ’ know!... with two wires plugged into it... one from the thermocouple and the other to! Commenting, I hope to never live in a house again think it would probably cost 5! Would probably cost around 5 to 7 dollars to replace an ODS vs $ to... I got HOME I put a third tank on mine recid=32295 & actid=34, you ’.