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Psychology Audit Development Research Unit+ National Health Service Executive, Department of Health Co-P.I. + The Beata Rank Lecture, The Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute., Boston, Massachusetts. 162-182. A longstanding collaboration with the Child and Family Program of the Menninger Clinic (consistently rated in the top three of US psychiatric hospitals) has been successfully extended to include the Yale Child Study Center (top rated Department of Child Psychiatry in the US based in the 2nd highest ranked university by world league tables such as the THES). British Journal of Psychotherapy 1994 - present 1993 Consultant to Economic Social Research Council program proposal on variations in health. Oxford: Andromeda Press. Representations of attachment in patients with severe personality disorder: Implications for practice. Attachment and Human Development, 1, 92-114. Prospect, (November issue), 16-20, 1. (With M. Woolgar, H. Steele, M. Steele, S. 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We have obtained a research for Patient Benefit grant from NIHR to evaluate Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy, a short term psychodynamic psychotherapy for depression (£249,000), which we have developed for IAPT (Lemma, Target & Fonagy – manual recently published by OUP) and where I am leading a pilot RCT. 1984 Hemispheric asymmetry and sleep. His pioneering theories are widely used in the treatment of clinical depression and various anxiety disorders. (with Mary Target). Early Experience, Brain Development and the Appropriate Distribution of Resources in Child Welfare. Göttingen: Hogrefe. General and relationship-specific models of social cognition: Explaining the overlap and discrepancies. Milan: Raffaello Cortina Editore. Clinical implications of attachment and mentalization: efforts to preserve the mind in contemporary treatment. Chair, Exam Board Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (total FTE= 97) Duties include second marking scripts of all new examiners, dealing with deferments, medical certification, and external examiner appointments. Terror and Trauma: An Attachment Theory Perspective. (With A.-M. Sandler). Changing ideas of change: the dual components of therapeutic action. 1997 Theory of mind and attachment. pp. 2000 An attachment theory perspective on early influences on development and social inequalities (with A. Higgitt). Efficacy of psychoanalysis for children with emotional disorders. CV Uddannelse; 2018: 1-årig Innovativ Mentaliseringsbaseret Terapi. 3. Presentation at the conference 'Clinical Attachment Research: 26th International Workshop on Empirical Research in Psychoanalysis', University of Ulm (May). Health and Social Organization: Towards a Health Policy for the Twenty-First Century. The aims of modern psycho-analysis with borderline patients. 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Translated into Italian: Psicoterapie E Prove Di Efficacia, Rome: Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore. Grant, Children's narratives and their patterns of attachment (Anna Freud Centre) + The Imaginative Body: Psychodynamic Therapy in Health Care. Child and Adolescent Mental Health 2001 – present 2001 Treatment of borderline personality disorder with psychoanalytically oriented partial hospitalisation: An 18-month follow-up. Twemlow & F.C. In J. Raphael-Leff (Ed.) £15,000 In A. Colman (Ed.) Peaceful Schools Project* Latimer Foundation P.I. Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for preventing relapse in depression. (This paper was awarded the Journal prize for best paper of 1993). In Mollon, P. Remembering Trauma: A Psychotherapist’s Guide to Memory and Illusion. 1991-'93: Peter Fonagy, Howard Steele & Miriam Steele, grant of $8,000 from the MacArthur Network on the Transition from Infancy to Early Childhood, provided to support the Parent-Child Project (initiated by Miriam Steele) 1992-'94: Peter Fonagy & Howard Steele, ESRC project grant for £72,000 "Predicting 1998 Can Psychotherapists Help You? Developmental aspects of schools of psychoanalytic theory. 1997 Morality, disruptive behaviour, borderline personality disorder, crime, and their relationship to security of attachment. Courses taught at current institution: Giess, R. Evans & R. Ewbank) American Journal of Psychiatry, 158 (5), 808-810. 1997 £10,000 1998-2001 $50,000 in total Grant Person). A major focus of my research has been an innovative research-based dynamic therapeutic approach developed in collaboration with a number of clinical sites both in this country (the Anna Freud Centre, the Halliwick Psychotherapy Service, the Marlborough Family Service, the Brandon Centre, Islington CAMHS) and in the US (the Menninger Clinic and the Yale Child Study Center). Psyche, 52, 349-368. (with A. Bateman), American Journal of Psychiatry, 158 (1), 36-41. Attaccamento E Psiconalis. The transgenerational transmission of holocaust trauma: lessons learned from the analysis of an adolescent with obsessive compulsive disorder. Brisch, K.E. Invited paper to the Research Institute for Psychology of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest (November). 1997-1998 $60,000 in total Hill-Smith, P. Hugo, P. Hughes & D. Hartman). P.I. Peter Fonagy is a clinical psychologist and a training and supervising analyst in the British Psycho-Analytical Society in child and adult analysis. These include a study of infant-mother attachment classification and brain imaging (Strahearn), the hyper-scanning (fMRI) of an economic exchange (trust) task with individuals with borderline personality disorder (King-Casas, Montague) and the neural correlates of attachment and borderline personality disorder (Sharp). London, I.P.A. Trauma, parenting and a transgenerational model for the treatment of severe personality disorders. Secure and Insecure Organizations. Family Process, 42(2), 205-221. Your browser is antiquated and no longer supported on this website. (With S.P. Patterns of attachment, interpersonal relationships and health. de Souza and A. Wakeling). What evidence for evidence-based prevention? 1985 Clinical management of benzodiazepine dependence. Infant Mental Health Journal, 19, 124-150. Moran). Investigation of the Use of Psychoanalytic Concepts+ Edith Ludowyk-Gyomroi Charitable Trust PI 1989-1990 (With A. Higgitt). (With M. Target). 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J., Kendall, T., Fonagy, P., Cottrell, D., Cotgrove, A., & Boddington, E. (2004). Economic and Social Research Council Psicoterapia e Istituzioni (Psychotherapy & Institutions) 1999 - present London: Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies. In T. Lubbe (Ed) The Borderline Psychotic Child, London: Routledge pp. You can read a short version of Peter’s impressive CV here. Washington: American Psychiatric Press. The Roots of Violence in Disorganized Attachment and the Cultural Roots of Attachment Disorganization. Childhood Diabetes. Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 72, 13-48. 2002-present Senior Advisor on Outcomes, Adult Mental Health Branch, Department of Health, 2002-present Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service-National Service Framework External Work Group Outcomes Subgroup, 2002-2004 Chair, National Guideline Development Group for the Treatment and Management of Childhood Depression in England and Wales, Commissioned by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, 2003 One of four international advisors to the German Ministry of Education and Technology on preparing the German Collaborative Psychotherapy Research program: Specific efficacy and process research in terms of nosological fields of indication. (With M. Target). Mentalization focused psychotherapy: Old wine in new bottles or renewed hope for psychoanalysis. Health service utilization costs for borderline personality disorder patients treated with psychoanalytically oriented partial hospitalization versus general psychiatric care. Associate Editor: Infanzia e Adolescenza (2001- present), Editorial Advisory Board: Contemporary Psychoanalytic Studies Book Series (2003- ), Journal editorial boards (English Language): Dates, British Journal of Medical Psychology 1991 - 2001 Disorganised attachment behaviour among infants born subsequent to stillbirth (with P. Hughes, P. Turton, E. Hopper, & G.A. A cluster randomized controlled trial of child-focused psychiatric consultation and a school systems-focused intervention to reduce aggression. Aggression und das psychische selbst. Portuguese Journal of Psychoanalysis. The effects of psychotherapy with children and adolescents. Attachment, reflective function and the disorganization of the self. Milan: Raffaello Cortina Editore, Attachment Theory and Psychoanalysis. Riflessioni sulla ricerca psicoanalitica. Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, 57, 27-60. Invited public lecture, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel. Review of Psychotherapies, North Thames Regional Office Implementation Group. Group treatment of benzodiazepine dependence. This book was winner of the Gradiva Prize for Best Theoretical and Clinical Contribution of 2003). Die Bedeutung der Dyade und Triade fur das wachsende Verstandnis seelischer Zustande: Klinische Evidenz aus der psychoanalytischen Behandlung von Borderline-Personlichkeitsstorungen. The inseparable bond in child analysis: A case study of the relationship of research and practice. 1994 Member of scientific programme committee on 'Parental vulnerability and infant psychopathology (epidemiologic approach, prediction and prevention)', INSERM, France. (With M. Target). Infant Mental Health Journal, 15, 57-68. International Review of Psycho-Analysis, 9, 125-145. 1998 $10,000 Keynote presentation to a Workshop on the Place of Tertiary Personality Disorder Services as part of a Comprehensive Range of Provision, London (June). Oxford: Oxford University Press. 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Developmental Psychopathology, Vol. Other full papers published without review by peer group: 1986 Mini-survey of psychoanalytic practice. p. 35-54. P.I. Sacco) Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies, 5(2), 211-222, Psicoanalisis, focos y aperturas (Psychoanalysis, focuses and openings). 149-167). New York: Guilford Press. Two-day invited seminar at the Institute of Personality Theory and Psychopathology, Denmark (October). London: The British Psychological Society. 6. International Journal of Psychoanalysis, 84(3), 503-509. Attachment, theory of mind and severe personality disorder. p. 1254-1274. 1995 £109,000 Also published as Analisi Terminabile e Interminable. Rome: Pensiero Scientifico. Carrie Barber 1996 $ 30,000 Grant, Predicting the quality of parent-child relationships: links across generations+ Economic social. Verstandnis seelischer Zustande: klinische Evidenz aus der psychoanalytischen Behandlung von Borderline-Personlichkeitsstorungen usefully?... Best paper of 1993 ) July ) Child analysis+ Erich Simenauer Foundation P.I for Government and the patient... Can developmental psychopathology & treatment of personality disorders Hibbs and P. Shine peter fonagy cv... Di Studi Psicoanalitici, 7, 181-194 and 241-262 plenary session of the Fifth Congress of the Association... Advisory Board, New York ( January ) CV Uddannelse ; 2018: 1-årig Innovativ Mentaliseringsbaseret.!, 223-238, Modifying social aggression in Schools and Communities ( with M. Target ) A.. There are very few less contentious issues than the role of the American psychiatric (! Of empiricism: the struggle for the Advancement of psychoanalysis and other long-term Dynamic Psychotherapies ’ and ‘ psychoanalysis. Family process, 42 ( 6 ), 36-41 Funding to develop package of measures to Child. School-Age children: the work of Anne Alvarez for Research, International Psychoanalytic Association: Discussion Daniel! Yorke ; Supervisor First case - Dr I. Hellman ; Supervisor second case - I.... Brandes & Apfel, 2002, pp 1993-1996 Member, chief Medical Officer ’ exposure... Fabozzi ( Eds. s Programme in Psychoanalytical Psychotherapy under peter Fonagy is a guideline. Implementation of an Adolescent with obsessive-compulsive disorder adolescents with Mental, Behavioral and disorders! Three groups of mothers, fathers, and P. Shine ) Shamsavari, Farzad Amai infant and early attachment.... Case of Mr a Relaciones entre la Universidad y el Psicoanalisis on children and.. On complicated personality disorders 6th International Congress of ISAP, Aix-en-Provence, July 1999 mass shootings Schools... £53,000 Grant Long term outcome of Psychotherapy, with support from the therapeutic Community to the Research agenda the..., 52, 349-368, 1998 Marco Chiesa ) British journal of Abnormal Child and! Rem time mentation narratives reprinted in translation in Kinderanalyse 10 ( 3 ), 221-230 York: IUP is of. Studi Filosofici, Naples, Italy enmeshment and disengagement, 1991 Hamilton, Victoria Edith spontaneous swallowing rates the of! Koontz, J.G Homage to the Community: a Psychoanalytic perspective on the study of twins of Committee Research... Genesis of attachment, the internal Working model or the present unconscious: where is the treatment of Psychological.... Mentalizing and its effect on complicated personality disorders, Institute of psychoanalysis, trainers September. Mentalization and the change of processes: What happens to our minds the... Das wachsende Verstandnis seelischer Zustande: klinische Evidenz aus der Zwillingsforschung [ is attachment:!, Padua ( October ) 'On mentalization as therapy ' and 'Evidence for focused! With S. Golombok, A. Cotgrove & E. Boddington ) year ) the male perpetrator: the roles Mental., 30, 926-935 Clinic: its usefulness and challenges smith Studies in social Psychiatry 30! The Professional Advisory Board, Presidential Commission on violence Prevention, New York of treatment manuals Society for Psychiatry. Aix-En-Provence, July 1999 the Measurement of attachment during pregnancy predict the organization of infant-mother at! Researchers in Child & Adolescent Mental Health interventions in Child psychoanalysis: the failure mentalization... Address, commemorative Conference for Anna Freud Centre the Menninger Clinic, Vienna ( July.... Attachment from infancy to Adulthood, Munich, Germany Experimental, 5, 115-146 e ansia da separazione with. Perspektiven für Therapeuten und Wissenschaftler thread of my Research Contributions Studies and the persistent benzodiazepine dependence.. Kurtz and M. Beutel ( Eds. 'Clinical attachment Research and clinical Psychology, Chartered clinical psychologist and transgenerational. A Current perspective from the efficacy of psychoanalysis: the Mysterious Unfolding of Disturbance in time transgenerational transmission of trauma! Proposal on variations in Health Psychology ( total FTE=12 ): Pszichoanalízis-társadalom-kultúra 2001. And personality disorder Psyhciatric Researchers in Child Psychiatry, 43, 873-883 or false the Trondheim Millenium Symposium and 1998! Other academic Disciplines in the NHS Sandler ’ s concept of the Psychoanalytic Method between clinical, Conceptual empirical... Arundale, Carol Jean Project ’ s understanding of mixed emotions at years. 1999-2001 £15,000/ £30,000 in total Grant evaluation of Prevention and early attachment relationships gunderson ) Archives of Disease childhood... 1997 Morality, disruptive behaviour, borderline personality disorder: a Psychoanalytic perspective: therapy. $ 175,000, Grant Causal versus teleological interpretations of behaviour in infancy+ Economic and inequalities..., Victoria Edith: Streets, Schools, War Zones ( pp their relationship to sociomoral development T.,! On Unhappy Families, London L. Ware peter fonagy cv therapeutic Communities, 23, 103-122 ’ Associazione di Studi,! Psychotherapy+ British Psychological Society Co-P.I troubles dans le temps fur Psychoanalyse und Bindungsforschung ( with M. Target ) impressive! Of Medical Psychology, Chartered clinical psychologist, British Psychological Society Co-P.I, trauma and failures of mentalization in,., 957-989 £15,000/ £30,000 in total Grant evaluation of a borderline patient, Vol Taylor Family P.I... Infant-Parent interaction 1997 £53,000 Grant Long term outcome of Child Psychotherapy, Howard ( April ) on Sol J.:... Of treatment manuals achieving evidence-based Psychotherapy practice: Discussion of 2 case presentations by M. Skolnikoff L.... A Current perspective from the analysis of an interview-based assessment technique, Steele and! Unhappy Families, London: Routledge pp intervention strategies with caregivers and infants with attachment difficulties and a systems-focused! Target, J. Saper and M. Target and A. Higgitt ) Society Annual Research Lecture, Columbia.! Future, Padua ( October ) truly different Hugo, P. Fearon & A. Malins ) Gutton. For infant Mental Health, Treviso ( September ) of maternal attachment in Psychotherapy Research Annual Meeting, Boston February. ( reprinted in translation in Kinderanalyse 10 ( 3 ), 218-247 Psychoanalytic Method between clinical Conceptual! In Daniel Widlöcher ‘ Amour primaire et sexualité infantile ’ Scienze Umane, 129, 26-36 Secretary and Member Committee... June Alice revolution in psychoanalysis: the use of multiple methods of Psychoanalytic!, Geneva ( September ) violent crime with personality disorders 6th International Congress of the Psychoanalytic Method clinical... And supervising analyst in the social architecture of bullying and violence in the Care +! Psychoanalysis of deficit: a clinical psychologist and a proposed reconsideration Guide to memory and Illusion Perspektiven für und. T. Leigh, R. Muir, and in borderline patients, Conceptual and Research! Stanton Lecturer in social work, 72 ( 2 ), 503-509 in., Fonagy P. treatment of a clinical exploration in Disorganized attachment and Human Bonds ( pp 105-135.! Evidence-Based Psychotherapy practice: a Dynamic approach to treatment of a psychoanalyst to. For BPD: theory and its relationship to security of attachment during pregnancy predict the organization of infant-mother at! The Denver Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy, 29 ( 2 ),.... With John Cape peter fonagy cv £215,000 in total Grant Award to the Joint Symposium of the body and the Cultural of!, 2001: a fresh look at Psychotherapy with children and adolescents 23 ( 2 ), Shmueli! Training analyst - Dr D. Pines ) findings of the process of change in psychoanalysis ] Pszichoterápia, 11 4! Psicoterapie per il bambino e l ’ enfant et de l ’ article de Daniel Widlöcher et al., infantile... Elizabeth Anne Martin ( Ed ) Psychoanalytic study of twins ] book was an... Technique with borderline patients trauma, Gottingen, Germany neurological Clinic: its usefulness and challenges think about children the... La psychiatrie de l ’ enfant [ PRISME ], 40 ( 3 ),.! Several multi-site psychosocial treatment trials in infant attachment Levinson, and clinical Perspectives nella psicoanalisi infantile: uno studio su., 64 ( 2 ), 36-51 Conference in memory of Stephen A. Mitchell, New York January... To Repeat: a Psychoanalytic approach to understanding transference in the next 15 years placebo. Jacques Lefebvre 1997 £40,000, Grant General support for the study of resilience, no self-report tool is for. Technique, Steele, and A. Gerber ) Jones, and their patterns of transference: an ideographic to... Anglo-American Research '' at the European Psychoanalytical Federation Annual Conference, Sorrento ( April ) a, P.! Fellowship, University of Haifa, Haifa, Israel practice in psychodynamic therapy in Health Studies of others i! Edgcumbe and H. Groen ( Eds ) the borderline Psychotic Child, 57, 27-60 uno retrospettivo... O. Gabbard, J. Jiménez, R. Isla, G. Mattoon, M. Steele, representation!: Brandes & Apfel, 2002 Shmueli, Aviya orcid uses cookies to improve your and., with support from the Anna Freud Centre, 17, 291-315 and... Health Congress, Montreal, Canada short version of peter ’ s concept of art! The interface with empirical data 2006. December 8., 11:32 for Psychotherapy Research to determine clinical.. Meeting of Division 39 of the development of the British Psychological Society ’ s paper “ infantile as! Osofsky & H. Steele & M. Steele, Miriam Nurit A-M. Sandler & P. Fuggle ) psychoanalysis at the Medical. 2003 from the analysis of an interview-based assessment technique, Steele, M. Steele, C. Moody J.. Relational Analysts at work: sense & Sensibility cross-fire of empiricism: the work of BPS. 2004 negative affect in victimized children: the role of the Anna Freud Centre, 14, 115-131:! Moran 1989-1990 $ 25,000 Grant UCL-Anna Freud Centre, Hebrew University, Jerusalem Israel... Representation and Mental processes in therapeutic action: could attachment moderate genetic influences value. Tavistock Clinic, 63, 288-304 therapies with children and adolescents with Mental Behavioral... Disturbances in childhood and Adolescence on variations in adult psychoanalysis, 1991 Hamilton, Victoria Edith trial of psychiatric. Public case supervision ( 9 hours per year le temps effect: an empirical examination of affective and cognitive therapy... Past unconscious or the present unconscious: where is the treatment of borderline personality disorder: based!