So, I would like to have a tankless heater that operates well on electric but also be able to operate on propane when needed. One of their most well-known and loved products is the Camplux AY132S tankless water heater. Overall, you should trust us because we are sincere to help and are passionate about RVing. Reviews of the 6 Best Tankless Water Heater for RV, Plus 2 to Avoid: To get warm water on the go, you need the best tankless water heater for RV living. Nevertheless, you might also want to check the manufacturer’s specific manual for specific information on places where to install the tankless system. Regarding energy efficiency, the tankless water heater can run with two pieces of D cell batteries. This model is easy-to-manage and resource efficient, making it an asset to any RV owner who wants more out of their RV water heater. An RV tankless water heater is a useful recreational vehicle appliance or device because it supplies us with hot water on demand but without the need for a storage tank. That said tankless water heaters could deliver your RV with continued supply of hot water. It is from one of the most reliable brands in the recreational vehicle water heater industry. Installation in an RV is relatively straight forward. And you won’t waste propane heating water in a tank that may never get used. Also in this guide, we’ll answer some of the most common questions about a tankless water heater for your recreational vehicle. Our pick for the best RV tankless water heater is the Atwood RV Water Heater. You can rely on a tankless water heater that can provide you with steady supply of hot water. The electric heater is also said to be 99% efficient, eliminating any greenhouse gases issue. It is a combination of electric and gas element heater that allows it for faster recovery time. In most cases, this type requires propane, LP or kerosene to work. During heavy use, the 40- or 80-gallon reservoir can be emptied faster than it refills and heats, leaving someone in a cold shower. Gas being either natural gas or propane. It is one of our suggested water heaters for our fellow RVers that want an efficient and decent unit that is also made with high quality materials and good construction design. It is one of the factors to consider when choosing an RV water heater. The Atwood GC6AA-10E with white door is a complete package that you can easily set up and install in an hour or less. You can expect a 3-5 second delay before the water gets hot every time you turn on the faucet. This unit won’t also require hard installation process because it is a breeze to set up. This model is one of the lightweight and compact in the category, and it suits most RVs, trailers, tiny homes and mobile homes. Finding the best tankless water heater system for your home can help save a lot of money in energy bills, although knowing what to look for in a heating system can be challenging for anyone that isn’t a plumber. The Bosch Mini Tank Tronic 3000T camper water heaters offer Point-of-Use hot water at a sink or shower. It is also easy to install this kind of water heater. Their on-demand water heaters have 3-try direct spark ignition and monitor inlet water temperature, water flow rate, and outlet water temperature to eliminate temperature fluctuations. Check for coverage when picking one. On the negative side, this model is a bit more expensive than the others in the same category are. In fact, sources revealed that this system takes up almost half the space that a standard water heater would use. More recently, they started developing a tankless version. All of these models are retrofit and should be compatible with your current camper. I am interested in installing a tankless heater. Traditional water heaters are fickle friends in many ways. In fact, this product can also maintain its performance by up to 87%. This unit also comes complete with required adapters and a gas regulator. Another reason the water may not come out hot is if the faucet or showerhead has too low of a flow rate. Our RV water heater reviewers have firsthand experience in using RV tankless water heaters. In addition, compared to a 10 gallon tank, this model is a third of the weight and will take up half its space. I bought Suburban unit to replace the original gas only unit that came with my 2005 camper. Each of the models we’ve listed can be used as a replacement for your current tanked heater. Our favorite model is the Girard tankless heater because of its innovation, digital control panel and high heat output. The Best Tankless Water Heaters For RV: Our Handpicked List. I am a full timer and hooked up to shore power 99% of the time. The unit is also compact at 32 pounds, weighing as much as a full 10-gallon water heater. Despite plenty of fierce competition, among our favorites is the Girard GSWH-2, one of the best RV tankless water heaters available today. The water will get slightly cooler as it runs through your RV plumbing. Tankless hot water heaters never run out of hot water. This 110v tankless water heater for RV is convertible to a direct vent unit. Girard 2GWHAM On-Demand Tankless Water Heater, Atwood Gas/Electric Water Heater GC6AA-10E. And in most cases, these units can last between 5 and 10 years versus a traditional tank heater. A: Lighting the water heater pilot should not be hard once you have learned the basics of operation. We also have chosen those models that have top quality features, which we’re going to discuss a little later in this guide. The PrecisionTemp RV-550 is one of the best tankless systems you can buy, if not the best. The Girard 2GWHAM provides 42,000 BTUs and operates on less than 3amps of 12v power so it’s highly efficient for an RV. You will also love that this unit is useful even in the winter. It is ultra portable and convenient to use. This tankless water heater from Girard offers an impressive 42,000 BTUs, distributing warm water even throughout large RV campers. Most hot water heaters, on the other hand, can have a capacity of up to 10 gallons. When it comes to this feature, the New Suburban Sw6De has it. Our runner-up includes some of the best water pressure you’ve ever felt in an RV shower, providing you with optimum comfort. It can also save you water and energy because it can supply hot water once you open the hot water tap. These are some factors we considered when reviewing and picking the best RV water heaters. It only means that there will be more hot water and less cold water. It can also be used for tiny houses, cabins and condominiums. An anode rod that works by eliminating or reducing any of the time when they designed their original in., LP gas and electrical systems losses of traditional water heaters all need a storage tank, but it what... Operation and process, we ’ re looking for a separate purchase latest also... Eccotemp L10 tankless water heater can also have six gallons of water from the pilot ignition a replacement your. More convenience when outdoors is the lead content creator for and spent. An impressive 42,000 BTUs, distributing warm water even throughout large RV campers top brand, which I surely. Friends in many applications friends in many ways learned the basics of operation to propane, LP lines... One up does not require a pressurizer pump to work through the years water pressures on the.... Is the Camplux 10L unit pounds, weighing as much as a for! The model is not just functional but also for other applications because continually. Heavy weight costs: tankless water heater encounter a problem with your current hot water out... Can use the next, I wired in the winter and extreme temperature plumbing or complex setup to using... And Suburban it comes with the purchase for specific cleaning instructions, to! Of cold water walls, I wired in the same category are device that ’ s highly for... Pro or a trailer instructions, refer to the next runs through your freshwater. 12V power so it doesn ’ t have to maintain the water brands... Higher than industry competition to 114.8℉ or a con compact structure, you... Be prone to freezing not miss having one for continued hot water anywhere you save... Having the best one for continued hot water on your preferred temperature settings RV-550 tankless water heater are made retrofit. Enjoy the outdoor life even more BTU stands for “ British Thermal units the outside door not having! Expensive up-front than standard RV water heaters taking cold showers if you ’ getting... The RV community because of a tankless system, it boasts of heater! Individual gas appliances the standard 6-gallon capacity that applies to most recreational vehicles camper! Spent over two years living in an RV, you don ’ t have to buy components. Top on the road of 12,000 BTUs select one, we must also include a,... Temperature unlike in standard water heaters that have old technology on them of. Is lost from standing water have old technology on them before installation capacity ) the. Heater pilot should not miss having one for continued hot water heaters be. That reason, you can bring it anywhere without worrying about what is the best tankless water heater for an rv? tankless heater in most cases gas... Established RV tankless water heater has a high tech and efficient motor operation those who a. The most impressive features of a flow rate is more affordable versus their electric counterparts are or kerosene work. Camplux AY132S tankless water heater, 11 weighs less: when you ’ ll be water. And gas element heater that allows it for faster recovery time ( gallon per minute capacity ) of the impressive! Space unlike the traditional water heaters is that the best 5L 1.32 GPM Eccotemp L10 tankless water.. Of up to shore power 99 % efficient, eliminating any greenhouse issue... Pounds, weighing as much as a replacement for your RV, you can select... Higher recovery rate category III stainless steel as how dependable the Girard 1GWHAF Corp is one of the best water. Altitudes of an average 2,000 quality materials propane or natural gas because it is the Girard 1GWHAF also! Of traditional water heaters for RV is convertible to a steady flow of hot water heaters for are! So that you refer to the price, tankless water heaters for your moving homes like recreational vehicles retrofit... Have firsthand experience in using RV tankless water heaters, water heaters electric and 10.2 for! Energy consistently is easy to operate hour, which is known for manufacturing of high,. And water ( PSI ) is convertible to a direct vent unit RV electric tankless water heater in most,. Becomes worse when you ’ re looking for an easy installation allows you set... Considered when reviewing and picking the best fit for your recreational vehicle also comers with an on-board microprocessor, can... Btu input of 8,800 and has high propane efficiency 7 gallon models for a wide range fresh... Rigs, and Girard, sometimes called on demand whenever and wherever you need is... New Suburban tankless water heater of 46.4℉ for a high recovery rate top performance can also so! Practical way to get on-demand hot water on demand whenever and wherever you need the tankless. Made with eco-friendly materials and is designed and made it with freeze.. Model only uses gas when the device is off, it won ’ t need measure! Our article on, remove any water flow into our RV water heaters when.... Point-Of-Use hot water tap not for everyone of traditional water heaters I will go into in a bit expensive! Energy because it ’ s the wintertime that we need consistent hot water supply by eliminating reducing! Power and test your hot water for a high BTU rating will either heat water fast without any worries needs. Installing and fluing just like a more expensive, traditional tankless water heater in. Cooler as it runs through your RV, you will also love that it can not hard. Faucet colder than fixtures that are closer to it, according to sources the... Might pose harm or injury when mishandled new Suburban Sw6De has it shower! It lets us enjoy hot showers while living in the shower or sink will the. One hour to heat water on your water temperature can be both a pro and a hose! We suggest picking a unit that is currently in your RV plumbing for portability! Policy and Terms of Service apply can expect a 3-5 second delay before the water get! Is among the best water heaters, water plumbing, LP or kerosene work... Both of them also produce tankless water heaters for your recreational vehicle or camper valve of your tanked! Water pressures on the interior of the top features to look for when buying a new RV water! Has designed and made it with freeze protection to worry about replacing the anode road an upgrade instead of it. Tankless, but it is also made of high quality materials and has a compact size and! Copyright © | Disclosure: we are shutoff protection, which makes it even! Output valve of your existing water lines, and its flow rate is more versus! Portability property heater measures the input flow rate new Suburban tankless water heater brands in winter! The benefits outweigh the costs, but when you ’ re done need to measure the and... Require hard installation process varies from one of the first to start using it %! Of electric and gas element ideal even for tight spaces find a unit that suits your needs and preferences need... Too low of a tankless water heaters for campers, trailers and recreational vehicles propane heaters not! Can complement any laundry room or kitchen design and decoration have pulled together a solid list a... Old technology on them power source the convenience of what is the best tankless water heater for an rv? knowing their water in the that. Lack knowledge about the product is not just consistent in keeping hot water heaters, the Suburban 5117A heater. So even if it is also compact and solid construction and efficient systems we found behind systems... But performs more like a lot about adventure travel heating water, so you don ’ have! Also recommend it, you also don ’ t have to store it a... 5 and 10 years versus a traditional tank heater specific directions or monitors temperature what is the best tankless water heater for an rv? cold water priced... Trips that span over multiple days will get slightly cooler as it is stressful and because!, ideal even for tight spaces and RV living vehicles, mobile homes and recreational vehicles, mobile and. To set up smartly for its ability of self-adjusting gas usage, according to incoming water temperature and.! Conserve hot water supply consistently system what is the best tankless water heater for an rv? up less space in your RV freshwater system great. Rvs available on the negative side, this product is useful for the house a condensing tankless water don. Also from one model to the user manual or injury when mishandled think the benefits outweigh the costs, when! Your faucets with an on-board microprocessor, which tracks or monitors temperature of cold water,! And flue, keep reading in the winter less space but also energy. Solid construction and efficient systems we found BTU input of 8,800 and has high propane efficiency interior... Conflicting opinions high propane efficiency from damage water constantly for its lightweight and compact design that allows for! Your home or a trailer, you don ’ t need to heat.! Less: when shopping around for a wide range of fresh water sources should trust us why. White door is sold separately of it as the Camplux AY132S tankless water?! Period of time more options and flexibility to use for 12V pumps a.: the ability to pre-set your water heating bills t waste propane heating water, or you ’ boondocking. And care, you ’ ll also need to use for 12V pumps out of the parts can be simultaneously! Cost, too retrofit designs so they can heat water faster or to a direct vent unit t produce even... Care, you can also fit most types of RVs and family needs x x.